For those of you who have recently been in St. Gabriel Church you have noticed the new mural of St. Joseph. It is an attractive depiction with St. Joseph wearing his carpenter’s smock. Three other murals will be arriving – Our Blessed Mother, St. Gabriel and St. Gertrude. We have been in search of a St. Damien statue. They, as you might imagine, are not plentiful. Also, the ones that we have come across have not been pleasing to the eye. An Italian artist has been commissioned to carve a wooden statue of St. Damien and paint him with color tones similar to the statue of Mary. The statue will be similar to the depiction seen when signing up to attend weekend Masses. The St. Damien of Molokai statue provides us with the opportunity to memorialize a loved one or to honor ourselves. Anyone who wishes to donate $500 or more toward the cost of the statue will have their names inscribed on a plaque that will be located in the alcove with the statue. I know it is not necessarily the best time to be asking for such a gift when many our struggling due to the Coronavirus. At the same time, others may find it possible as we focus our activities locally, as this will have a lasting remembrance of our deep faith during the pandemic. If you wish to make a donation to the statue, please direct the envelope to my attention either by mail or the collection basket. Thank you for your consideration.

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