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Welcome to our prayer wall. Enter a prayer intention, and website visitors can pray with you. Prayer requests will also be prayed for at all Masses.

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Jesus, help us live by the Golden Rule.

Prayed for 1 times
Our king and savior Jesus Christ, Son of the Most High, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. You said, "In everything do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets". Help us live our lives by this Golden Rule and by extension cause a brighter future to be born. Amen.
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A prayer for Pope Francis ( Jorge Mario Bergoglio)

Prayed for 4 times
Lord Jesus Christ, guide your servant Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) as he works to lead your church and do righteous acts. Defend him against evil and may he always lead by loving example for the betterment of humanity. Amen.
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Prayers for my family

Prayed for 6 times
Pls pls pray for the protection of me and my family from Corona virus and all other harmful diseases. Pls pray for the protection of my family from all harm. Thankyou.pls pray for vinod...Sony...shweta...henna...deep...issrath...udit Sony
SonyMotwani Pray for this

Thanks, praise and worship be to the Lord.

Prayed for 3 times
Thanks, praise and worship be to you, Lord God in Heaven. Holy and good are you now and forever. May every knee bend before you and may every heart be filled with the love of you. May every voice sing of your existence and of your miraculous deeds, may everyone bless your name in respect and love. Halleluyah!
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Christ shepard us.

Prayed for 2 times
Our Savior Jesus Christ, please lead us to God your Father in Heaven, please shepard us onto the good path and retrieve us if we stray too far. Christ love us and forgive us and let your peace be upon us all. May it be so.
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Relief of suffering for a nonbeliever (my adult child) who feels victimized by prejudice and is overcome in spirit

Prayed for 9 times
I was shunned for offering to pray, but You, O Lord, are above our earthly reactions and thoughts. May your infinite love break into my child's heart, despite the anger and reactionary hatred. May my child experience an overflowing sense of your love, now, through prayer, and continuing through prayer, and through life. I know you have the power to break through the evil darkness that has kept my loved one from experiencing your abundant love. Pour out a spirit of forgiveness and healing to release him from darkness. Continue to pour out your Spirit on us, too, that all parents, all believers will look to you for our needs and the needs of those we love especially concerning the current challenges in our world. You, O Lord, are all powerful. I will not dispair. I ask Lord for safety for all protesters during the Black Lives Matter rallies, and that through this movement we will be inspired to examine in ourselves ways to make constructive changed, to speak against the subtle predjudices that continue to be perpetuated in the fabric of our culture. May your Holy Spirit be our guide. Thank you for the unending opportunity to seek you in time of need. May those suffering greatest hardship receive help from those of us, your servants on this earth, through your grace.
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Forgiveness and Love.

Prayed for 5 times
Lord God in Heaven, Father of Christ please help humanity learn that forgiveness and love are not weaknesses but strengths. To forgive and love can be difficult at times, but not impossible, please help humanity learn Merciful God. Amen.
BD Pray for this

A prayer for what to do.

Prayed for 4 times
My Lord, my God, where do I go and when? What do I say and to whom? What do I do and how? Lord God in Heaven, please be the light of our lives while we navigate the hardships and uncertainty of daily life. Amen.
BD Pray for this

A prayer to Christ Jesus.

Prayed for 9 times
Christ Jesus of Nazareth our king and savior, please be with us in our darkest hour. When we don't know what to do please inspire and motivate us, when we encounter those less fortunate than us let us not look away. Heal us of our mental, spiritual and bodily ills, help us serve rather than being served. Christ Jesus hear our prayers. You who is humble servant and righteous king, you who is the Son of God, Savior of the world and vanquisher of death itself. Amen.
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Prayer for peaceful protesters.

Prayed for 7 times
Christ Jesus our king and savior, please bless and keep safe the peaceful protesters who work to combat racism and work for good change in America and throughout the globe and admonish the bad actors who hijack and discredit their peaceful protests. Let them enact the practices, patience and wisdom of Dr. Martin Luther King who came before them. May the wisdom of your Father be with them and may the Holy Spirit come to them and protect them that they not seek vengeance but justice and love of one another. Amen.
BD Pray for this