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Welcome to our prayer wall. Enter a prayer intention, and website visitors can pray with you. Prayer requests will also be prayed for at all Masses.

(Prayer requests will remain open as appropriate.)

for healing

Prayed for 4 times
prayer for healing and problem in family
PasqualeIsone Pray for this

Prayed for 3 times
Please pray for G Teresa for curing all her physical illnesses and for long life
Deepa Pray for this

Birthday Remembrances

Prayed for 2 times
for my mom Irene Galvin and Father Vargo who shared a birthday, St. Joseph's Day, 3/19.
MichelleKuhlberg Pray for this

Birthday prayer (RIP)

Prayed for 3 times
Rest in Peace
JoanneSterlein Pray for this

Birthday prayer (RIP)

Prayed for 3 times
Rest in Peace
JosephSterlein Pray for this

Prayed for 9 times
Please pray for quick recovery from COVID. Just admitted into hospital.
CarlMcManus Pray for this

Prayed for 6 times
Christine Roy-nurse in R.I.-please pray for her-hospitalized with COVID-on a ventilator.
Pray for this

Special Intention

Prayed for 5 times
Return to Church (for a friend )
Mary LouPeters Pray for this

Recent Passing

Prayed for 5 times
Please pray for my brother in law who passed away yesterday. His name is Peter Prewitt
MaureenVagnini Pray for this


Prayed for 7 times
Henry in hospital battling covid
Maureen Pray for this

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