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Welcome to our prayer wall. Enter a prayer intention, and website visitors can pray with you. Prayer requests will also be prayed for at all Masses.

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Gods Help for my BEST FRIEND

Prayed for 0 times
Pray for Fahd, He Needs Gods Help, & Protection. Thank you.
michaelmoore Pray for this


Prayed for 2 times
Please pray for a full recovery for family friend, Jason, as he battles colon cancer. Jason is a young man, and has already overcome more than most of us will ever have to deal with, including cerebral palsy and blindness owing to having been born prematurely. And he carries it off with poised dignity and grace. Thank you.
Jonathan Wyse Pray for this

Special Intentions

Prayed for 3 times
Please pray for my uncle Juan Manuel Huidor who is in critical condition in the hospital and for my brother Francisco Huidor-Figueroa who is looking for employment. Please pray for my son Daniel Xavier Huidor and my entire family. Please pray for the entire Catholic Church, more conversions to the Catholic Faith, for all souls in Purgatory, more holy priests and clergy, and for an end to abortion. Please pray for more holy marriages and families. Thank you for praying.
MaricelaHuidor-Figueroa Pray for this

Conversion & Redirection/Protection

Prayed for 5 times
Please pray that my daughters Helen & Jasmin, her boyfriend Darien & his Family; my two granddaughters & their father Michael & his Family; my Family as whole & myself. That we may be free of any oppression & all that may separate us from a Loving & Caring relationship with our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. "Jesus I Trust in You" - a Friend, Sister, Mother, Nana, Grandmother & Mother In law, In Christ, Luz
LuzAlicea Pray for this

Pray for Blessings

Prayed for 3 times
Please pray that truly, from now on I always have the fullness of the greatest: Love, wisdom, willpower, detachment from the world in spirit, well-being, happiness, health, fitness, youthfulness, agelessness, genetics, attractiveness, charm, intelligence, spouses, friends, education, positions of authority, longevity and wealth, absolutely speaking.
Pray for this

My friend is seriously ill

Prayed for 4 times
Please pray for my friend, Benjamin, who has a hole in his heart. He cannot afford the operation and is very seriously ill. I tried to raise the money but failed and now I feel that I have let him down. I feel so helpless. Please pray for him. Thank you.
Melanie Pray for this

Strength and Healing

Prayed for 9 times
Prayers for the Theroux family to have strength while battling illness within the family.
LynnWilkos Pray for this

Strength and Wisdom

Prayed for 5 times
Due to a recent merger between two large insurance companies, they are in the process of reducing headcount due to duplicative effort. One position that was eliminated on April 3rd @4:15pm was mine. I am asking for strength and wisdom to find the right next job so sustain my household before $$ runs out. The Holy Spirit has always provided a clear path for me during “defining moments” and my faith tells me that a path will appear again with my current situation. I need prayers to remain calm, confident and positive.
Susan Pray for this


Prayed for 4 times
Prayer Request: * The woman of my dreams appears to be growing distant. Admittedly, my pursuit might have been too much. God is a God of second chances and He has granted me a whole new life this year. Please pray that God may grant me wisdom to get back on track with her leading to marriage. And please pray that her heart is open to a second chance with me and marriage. God bless everyone in this community!
Erik Pray for this

Healing and Recovery

Prayed for 1 times
Due to a horrific automobile accident, our family friend, Jason, is facing a long and painful journey as he recovers from severe burns. Let us ask for courage for him and his family as they face this incredible challenge.
JanyceWininger Pray for this