Religious Education

Religious Education

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the St. Damien of Molokai Parish Religious Education program!

Take advantage of the early bird Registration fee and return forms by June 30th!  All students entering Kindergarten through 10th grade must be registered in order to attend classes in the Fall.

If your child/children did not receive the sacraments of Baptism or First Holy Communion at St. Gabriel, St. Gertrude or St. Joseph churches, please include a copy of their Baptismal and First Holy Communion Certificate(s) with the Registration form.

Students entering 9th or 10th grade in September in public or catholic schools, and wishing to receive the sacrament of Confirmation must register for Confirmation preparation classes offered within our Parish.  Preparation for Confirmation is not done in Catholic high schools but within a family’s Parish.  Confirmation classes may held on Tuesday evenings, and on Sundays following the classes for younger students.  If you are registering your teen for C1 Confirmation preparation (usually Grade 9) please write a ‘T’ or an ‘S’ next to your teen’s name to indicate a preference for Tuesday or Sunday class; every effort will be made to accommodate your request.  Students will have the ability to attend either class when there are scheduling conflicts.

It is customary in our Parish for a child to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion when they are in the second grade and at least 7 years of age.  Children older than 7 years of age who have not yet received these sacraments and are not yet in the 5th grade will join the sacramental preparation class.  Arrangements will be made for children in 5th grade and above if they need to prepare for and receive first Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

If you have a child receiving the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Eucharist or Confirmation, next year will be a very special year for you!  We are glad to partner with you to guide your child toward full initiation into the church.  You will receive a letter in August with additional information for your child’s sacrament preparation program.

If you can assist the program, please complete the Parent Volunteer Service form and return it either with the Registration form in the enclosed envelope, or to the Religious Education Office after you have had some time to consider the volunteer opportunities.

The 2023/2024 Faith Formation and/or Confirmation Class Schedule, and program information will be sent in August to registered families.

Please feel free to call or email me over the Spring and Summer if you have questions or need additional information.  Have a safe and enjoyable summer!


Cyndie Glick

Coordinator of Faith Formation

First Communion Rehearsals will be held on April 28th &
May 5th at 6:00 p.m. at St. Gabriel Church. All children
receiving First Holy Eucharist on Saturday, May 6th are
expected to attend both rehearsals, and one parent or
guardian of each First Communicant is asked to attend
rehearsal on May 5th.

May Crowning of Our Blessed Mother – the May
Crowning of Our Blessed Mother will take place on
Sunday, May 7th at the 9:30 Mass at St. Joseph
Church and at the 11:00 Mass at St. Gabriel
Church. First Communicants may wear their First
Communion attire and all youth at Mass are
invited to participate in the procession.

Parents & Guardians – Religious education is an important
part of your child’s faith formation, and the volunteers &
staff of our Parish are dedicated to continuing the
education of your children, in partnership with you!
Registration information and forms for the 2023/2024
Faith Formation program will be mailed to families who
did not pick up forms at the school. Completed forms
should be returned by Friday, June 30th.

Confirmation Program for Students in grades 9 & 10
preparation for Confirmation takes place in within the
Parish. Students entering 9th or 10th grade in September,
in public or Catholic schools, and wishing to receive the
sacrament of Confirmation must register for Confirmation
preparation classes. Registration forms will be available
for families enrolled in the 2022/2023 Religious Education
program. Parish families of 8th grade SGS students will
also receive Registration information. Completed forms
should be returned by Friday, June 30th. If your child
was not enrolled in the Religious Ed program this year,
please contact the Religious Education Office.

Our Parochial School