Church is so much more than Mass on the weekend. It’s about being a good steward of the world around us, connecting with other people, and growing our faith as a Catholic community. The rich tapestry of families coming together in the presence of God presents many opportunities for developing meaningful and lasting relationships. It is this diversity coupled with the common thread of Faith that is our strength as a Parish.


St. Damien of Molokai parishioners come from every walk of life. We are students, homemakers, realtors, doctors, parents, and grandparents. We are multi-generational and we celebrate and draw on the broad depth of our different life experiences and unique God-given talents through our many parish ministries. But we are so much more than our generous individual contributors. With one shared Faith, we are a beacon of hope in an unyielding world. And we are a force for good as we strive to achieve good works for humanity and represent the living Christ in all that we do.


Welcome to our family! All are welcome here at St. Damien of Molokai Parish. Our parish is a warm and friendly place to call home. We look forward to meeting you, and easing your transition into parish life. We encourage you to join us at Mass, and to go beyond Sunday Mass by lending your time and talents to one of our many ministries.

We look forward to connecting with you and growing our faith together. Please feel free to introduce yourself after Mass, check out our various ministries, pick up a bulletin, or download the myParish app to stay connected remotely!


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Introducing the First Holy Communion Class of 2023

The Appeal at Work: Fr. Andrés Galeano & Fr. Sean Yates

In this month’s ‘The Appeal at Work,’ we hear from Fr. Andrés Galeano and Fr. Sean Yates, two recently-ordained priests of the Archdiocese who want to thank you, in English and Spanish, for your support of the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal. Through your generosity, our seminarians receive financial support from the Appeal to assist with funding their room and board, books, and other essential expenses of seminary life.


Our mission is to serve Jesus Christ by loving God and each other, to spread the Good News and to make new disciples in our community.


The vision for our parish is to unify, awaken and energize the faithful and make our celebration of the Eucharist an irresistible expression of welcome, faith and love.