Youth Faith Formation

Welcome to the Saint Damien of Molokai Parish Youth Faith Formation Program!  We are committed to helping parents & guardians in the formation of your children’s faith.  You are the first teachers of the faith for your children, and our are caring people who assist and reinforce what you teach and share with your children at home in the light of the Gospel.

The Holy Father has reminded us that the strength of our faith depends on the family, the ‘domestic church’.  What is taught in faith formation class is learned only if it is lived at home, so it is essential that you continue to keep Jesus at the center of your lives. Praying at home with your children, participating in Parish events and in service to others are ways we encounter God. Please ask if there is something we can do to help you grow your family’s faith practices.

It is expected that parents regularly attend Mass with your children – year round – to provide them with a strong spiritual practice.  In the Mass, God gives us the only thing that can truly satisfy us: His very self. The Eucharist nourishes us spiritually by uniting us with the risen Christ.

The Religious Education Office is located at St. Gabriel School – 77 Bloomfield Avenue

Ms. Victoria Ascherman- Coordinator of Faith Formation    Email:

Phone: 860-683-0366                                               

Ms. Sharon Danforth – Faith Formation Assistant     Email:

Presenting the First Holy Communion 2023 Class